Course Registration (Second Semester 2016)



Course Registration (Second Semester 2016)

          Due to the Bangkok University Policy on student course registration and to continue its efficient operation, the Graduate School would like to inform students on the application of the regulation on registration as follows:

  1. Graduate students (student ID 759xxxxxx onwards) must register on the date and time
  2. Payment for Tuition & Fees must be done by the date specified :

specified by the Records Office. For the Second Semester 2016, students have to register (Online) from Wednesday 16th November 2016  from 9.00 a.m. to Friday 18th  November 2016 at midnight  (Registration closes at midnight on 16th November 2016).

  • Pay the full amount at one time or
  • Pay 60% for the 1st installment and 40% for the 2nd installment (the due date will be

shown on the print out after online registration)

  1. Students who are eligible to register during the Adding & Dropping Period (9th -14th
    1. Working or joining a company technical trip abroad (as a part of their job) during
    2. Hospitalised due to serious illness (disease or accident) operation appointment :
    3. Special group students (scholarship students , transferred students, students who

January 2017) are students with special cases  as follows :

the online registration period : documents required as a proof of this is an official letter from the company,  a copy of airfare ticket, and a copy of your passport)

doctor  certificate is required

take leave of absence) can make a request to register during the adding & dropping period (as above)

          This announcement becomes effective on November 10th , 2016.


The Graduate School


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